Solar PV Power System

Project Management & Systems Integration

We are experienced in handling project management and system integration for any solar PV project either grid connected or hybrid systems. As a system integrator we inspect and ensure that the components used are compliant to industry standards. Our expertise covers project scheduling, inspection on the components, preparation of engineering drawings, system testing, commissioning and training.

Our expertise includes:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic Standalone Systems
  • Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems
  • Grid Connected Wind Turbine System
  • Micro Grid System
  • Micro Hydro Power System
  • Battery Storage Grid Support System
  • Weather Station, Data Monitoring & Scada System

  • Solar Pv Components

    We also supply solar PV components such as PV Modules, Solar Charge controller, Grid Inverters, Hybrid Inverter, Solar battery, DC cables, DC protection systems and mounting structures. We only supply and provide tested and approved products compliant to global standards.

    Solar Pv Workstation For Training

    We design and build PV workstation for training purpose. The system will be designed as per the required standard with all the safety features to suit education standard. The system can be customized according to the site’s specification and requirements.

    Solar Water Treatment Systems

    We also provide treated water solutions for remote villages which operate by Solar Power. Our ultra-filtration membrane removes all virus and bacteria without requiring toxic chemical treatment. The system is ideal for remote areas, disaster relief, and village level water purification and in multiples even small resort applications. It is very compact, easy to install and to operate.

    Solar Pv System Audit

    We provide system audit for solar PV system either grid connected or hybrid system. The audit will give detail information to rectify the fault system or underperforming system. The audit will cover the condition and performance of the solar PV, Diesel Generator, battery bank and the inverter.